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Bird Watching

In the past 15 years winter birding has become especially popular in Sault Ste. Marie and the Eastern Upper Peninsula. Bird species that had previously never come this far south have started to do so.

The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory offers "Winter Birding the Sault" field trips. Winter in the Upper Peninsula is truly a unique experience and birding varies greatly from year to year. Some of the regularly occurring winter birds include bald eagle, rough-legged hawk, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, snowy owl, pileated woodpecker, Northern shrike, common raven, red-breasted nuthatch, snow bunting, purple finch and pine siskin. In some years, irruptive and uncommon species such as Northern goshawk, gyrfalcon, Northern hawk owl, great gray owl, gray jay, boreal chickadee, Bohemian waxwing, pine grosbeak, red crossbill, white-winged crossbill, common redpoll, hoary redpoll or evening grosbeak may be present.

For more information on the "Winter Birding the Sault" trip go to the WPBO web site listed below and click on the "field trips".

Self-Guided Tours

If you wish to venture out on your own sign up for the "Michigan Listers" email which will have other birders recent sightings delivered directly to your email. We also supply a map of the Eastern Upper Peninsula so you can find the sighting locations. Click links below for both aforementioned web sites.

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