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Fall Color Tour Suggestions

Autumn can be a spectacularly beautiful time in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. To help our guests get the most out of visiting us while the fall foliage is at its most vibrant we have mapped out some great "day trips".

Sugar Island

On Sugar Island, a view of the surround hills wrapped in color is best viewed from the Ferry Road Hill(l 1/2 Mile Road) just past Hilltop Bar. For a tour of island color try Homestead and the "Emergency Road" south for a turn-around back to the north.

Salt Point Road

Take Salt Point Road from the Curley Lewis Highway to M-28. A "tunnel" of color in the peak of the autumn color season, Salt Point Road can be found from the south via M-28 or from the north from the Curley Lewis Highway.

Curley Lewis Highway

Curley Lewis Highway and Lakeshore Drive from Point Iroquois Lighthouse to Pendill's Creek and beyond can be another tunnel of color. Exposure to Whitefish Bay's winds usually shortens the full color season to a few days of splendor so it is best to time it carefully.

Ranger Road

Another noteworthy route in late September or early October runs along Ranger Road from Raco to Dollar Settlement south of Bay Mills. Access to this route can be made on either m-28 or Lakeshore Drive.

Mission Hill Overlook

Near Bay Mills just off Lakeshore Drive, Mission Hill overlook gives viewers a long view of fall color around Spectacle Lake and Whitefish Bay off in the distance from the top of Mission Hill.

Scenic Drive from 12 Mile Road to south of Barbeau off M-129

Several stands of maple and other hardwoods starting at Dunbar justify Scenic Drive's name in the autumn season. Periodic views of the St. Mary's River, Neebish Island and Ontario bring interest to a color tour along this route.

M-48 south of Goetzville

For brilliant orange and yellow as only turning maples can produce, it is hard to beat a stretch of M-48 just south of Goetzville. A wall of color forms each color season on both sides of this state highway.

North and South Caribou Lake Road

Just down the road from Goetzville are turnoffs for North Caribou Lake Road and, farther on, South Caribou Lake Road. Both skirt the lake, ending at DeTour and offering a curving route through various species of hardwoods made more dramatic with the deep green of conifers.

M-134 from Albany Creek to DeTour

The route from Albany Creek to DeTour offers a mix of colorful maples mixed with stands of red oak against a green backdrop of evergreens. Short stretches are intensely colorful.